Cataract Surgery
in Buffalo, NY

What are Cataracts?

Over time, the eye’s natural lens begins to degrade, causing clouded or blurry vision. This natural product of aging is called a “cataract”.

The onset of a cataract is very gradual. Objects at distances that may once have been perfectly clear will start looking hazy. When you start to notice a decrease in visual quality, a Buffalo cataract specialist can help you decide the right course of treatment to restore your vision.

Cataract surgery is nothing to fear: Advancements in the technology used in cataract surgery has advanced to the point where it’s simple, quick, and exceptionally low-risk.

Your post-cataract vision can be customized: After the removal of your cataract, your Buffalo cataract surgeon will work with you to find the artificial replacement intraocular lens (IOL) that helps achieve your visual goals.

Cataract Surgery in Buffalo

Buffalo’s Premier Cataract Surgeons

Buffalo Ophthalmology is home to one of the best trained cataract surgeons in Western New York, Deepan Selvadurai, M.D., who has established “dropless” cataract surgery and has more than a decade of surgical and post-operative management experience. Our approach to cataract surgery is unique because our cataract surgeons are also specialists in other eye diseases, like glaucoma and corneal disease.

Using his expertise, Dr. Deepan can compose a more complete picture of your eye health than most cataract surgeons, taking the unique factors of your case into account when making decisions that will best support your lifelong healthy vision.

Dr. Deepan Selvadura headshot at Buffalo Ophthalmology

Deepan Selvadurai, M.D.

Dr. Deepan Selvadurai is a well-respected cataract surgeon in Buffalo, NY. He is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Glaucoma Society, and in the field of cataract surgery, he established “dropless” cataract surgery in Western New York, enhancing his patient’s recovery.

Cataract Surgery in Western New York

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure that replaces a cataract with a new lens and allows you to regain your crystal-clear vision. At Buffalo Ophthalmology, our surgeons work to make the patient experience as seamless and comfortable as possible.


With safety always a top priority, our physicians utilize the The LenSx femtosecond laser system to achieve the safest post-operative healing and visual outcomes.
Cataract Surgery Procedure in Buffalo

How Cataract Surgery Works

Cataract surgery involves making a tiny entrance through the lens capsule, breaking up the cataract, and removing it from the eye. The IOL you and your surgeon choose will then be inserted and positioned in the lens capsule. The precision involved in modern cataract surgery makes recovery as smooth as possible.
Cataract Surgery in Buffalo New York

Eye Surgery Options

At Buffalo Ophthalmology, we believe in the importance of approaching our procedures on a case-by-case basis and providing individualized care. Traditional cataract surgery involves using a manual tool to make a precise incision to remove the cataract, which is optimal for some patients. With automated precision, laser-assisted surgery is a better option in other cases.
Standard Multifocal and Toric IOLs

Standard, Multifocal, and Toric IOLs

The replacement lens your doctor inserts during surgery will be based on a discussion with you about your unique lifestyle and needs. A standard replacement lens restores your vision to its pre-surgery levels. Multifocal IOLs account for refractive errors like nearsightedness and farsightedness, and toric lenses offer clear vision to patients with astigmatism.

Advanced Premium Lenses

When performing premium procedures, our Buffalo cataract surgery specialists prefer three of the most advanced multifocal IOLs on the market:

  • AcrySof™️️ IQ Vivity™️️ IOL
  • RayOne EMV IOL
  • AcrySof™️️ IQ PanOptix™️️ Trifocal IOL
  • AcrySof™️️ Toric IOL



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