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We are proud to continue serving the Western New York
community in the tradition of compassionate eye care.
At Buffalo Ophthalmology, we are a practice of medical eye specialists with industry-leading experience and expertise. Since 1990, we have cultivated an environment of exceptional patient care, where the focus is on spending time understanding the needs of the patients we treat. This is how we make high-quality, personal service our top priority.
Dr. Deepan Selvadura headshot at Buffalo Ophthalmology

Dr. Deepan Selvadurai, M.D.

Dr. Deepan Selvadurai is a glaucoma specialist with more than a decade of experience. He has treated patients from around the region and implemented new and exciting methods of treating glaucoma patients. He also performs cataract surgeries.

Dr. Deepan Selvadurai is seeing patients at our Orchard Park location.

Dr. Ausra Selvadurai, M.D.

Dr. Ausra Selvadurai is a highly trained and experienced uveitis specialist. She is known for her expertise in treating uveitis patients, as well as those suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), dry eye, and cosmetic eyelid issues.

Dr. Ausra Selvadurai is seeing patients at both our Orchard Park and Williamsville locations.

Dr. Asura Selvadura headshot at Buffalo Ophthalmology
Dr. Peter Forgach headshot at Buffalo Ophthalmology

Dr. Peter Forgach, M.D.

Dr. Peter Forgach is our practice founder (originally Amherst Retina) and a respected retinal specialist. His work with advanced laser and surgical treatments has helped some of the most complex cases involving retinal diseases and trauma.

Dr. Peter Forgach is seeing patients at our Williamsville location.

Dr. Asha Kumar, M.D.

Dr. Asha Kumar is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced corneal specialist serving patients throughout western New York. She has over 40 years of practice in corneal and refractive procedures.

Dr. Asha Kumar is seeing patients at our Williamsville location.

Dr. Asha Kumar headshot at Buffalo Ophthalmology
Dr. Stephanie Chian headshot at Buffalo Ophthalmology

Dr. Stephanie Chiang, O.D.

Dr. Stephanie Chiang is a full-scope optometrist who’s experienced in treating ocular diseases and managing conditions such as glaucoma , diabetic retinopathy, conjunctivitis, dry eye, and more. She uses her extensive training and expertise to provide patients with comprehensive eye exams, pediatric eye care, and high-quality vision services. Dr. Chiang believes in forming partnerships with her patients so they can get the eyesight they need with the compassion they deserve.

Dr. Juliette Stenz, M.D.

Dr. Juliette Stenz is a trusted and respected comprehensive ophthalmologist who practices in Western New York. She has extensive experience treating dry eye disease, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and many other ocular conditions that occur in isolation or are associated with another systemic disorder. She also provides pediatric services for children aged three and older.

Corneal Specialist in Western New York

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Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr. Selvadurai for many years. She has helped me with the treatment of my diabetic retinopathy and I highly recommend her


I have complete confidence in Buffalo Ophthalmology and am happy to recommend them to my family and friends.


Dr. Selvadurai is a marvelous ophthalmologist and I feel very confident with her treating my Age-related Macular Degeneration.


Dr. Selvadauri is a very kind and thorough ophthalmologist and she is so good at answering all my questions, during my appointment.